A contemporary marriage of ceramics and sound, these innovative pieces push the boundaries of how we use and interact with ceramics.


Each sound sculpture is a set of individually hand made vessels carefully combined to create totally unique pieces which, in their elegance and simplicity, bring tranquillity through uplifting and rejuvenating sounds.


When played individually, each ceramic form vibrates at its own frequency. When two or more are played simultaneously the individual waveforms interact to produce a host of vibrant harmonics, creating a calm and balanced environment.

Each piece comes with its own unique, specially commissioned piece of music which features the vessels in the set. Written by multiple ASCAP Award winning composers, the music is totally unique to each piece in the collection and is used nowhere else. In owning the piece, you are also owning the music.


Their simple, elegant design will enhance any space and invite a deeper human connection, helping us to think and feel with precision, care and clarity in our hectic lives.

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Stacking Arpeggio

Turning Triad

Triple Jeopardy

Drawing on the cultural traditions of Tibetan meditative singing bowls and the standing Nao bells of ancient China, Arpeggio offers an entirely new way of incorporating carefully structured sound and meditative opportunities into contemporary life. 

The combination of beautifully considered aesthetic design, balanced by meditative and healing sonic properties will enrich any environment dedicated to the pursuit of wellbeing.