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Turning Triad

Press Play to hear music featuring this piece

Set on a rotating granite plinth, this grouping of vessels adds an extra element to the overall concept of the collection - the interaction of multiple sound waves and the subsequent creation of many layers of additional notes, known as Harmonics.

When played individually, each ceramic form vibrates at its own frequency. When two or more are played simultaneously the individual sound waves interact with each other to produce a host of vibrant harmonics, creating a calm and balanced environment.

The addition of a rotating plinth further enhances the sound by taking the already colliding sound waves and setting them swirling around, thus adding a kind of 'Doppler Effect'.

The piece of music which you can hear (press Play) incorporates these actual vessels and was written specifically for them by award winning writers Johnny Thirkell and Josh Phillips (Multiple ASCAP Award winner)

Drawing on the cultural traditions of Tibetan meditative singing bowls and the standing Nao bells of ancient China, the Arpeggio collection offers an entirely new way of incorporating carefully structured sound and meditative opportunities into contemporary life. 

The combination of beautifully considered aesthetic design, balanced by meditative and healing sonic properties will enrich any environment dedicated to the pursuit of wellbeing.

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